Contemporary Craftwork

Design and Tradition of Craftwork Hands

We are a young and innovative handicraft workshop that shows respect and gratitude the knowledge transmitted by the elder ones.

Respect and passion for craftwork and the community

Homage to the tradition and knowledge of our crafts workers

We cherish the need to connect small producers in an equitable value chain. Each one of our pieces bears a printed mark of our respect for craftwork, nature and, above all, for the community.

Products with emotional value

Details, dedication and quality

Craftwork pieces that tell a story through its perfectly balanced shapes, colors and textures; these are products where wood and vegetable fiber stand out subtly within an elegant and simple design.
Lámparas Medusa
Lámparas Medusa
Canastos Tejidos Fique
Bowls Tejidos Fique
Lamparas Tejidas Fique
Canastos Tejidos Fique
Canastos Tejidos Fique
Canastos Tejidos Fique
Canastos Tejidos Fique
Bowls Medusa
Bowls Medusa
Bowls Medusa
Bowls Medusa
Bowls Medusa

We are part of nature

We are conscious of our impact, and consistent with our actions

We use supplies taken from nature, grown and certified wood. We reduce the waste materials to a maximum extent, taking advantage of 95% of the material used in manufacturing processes.

Fique and wood

The image of our link with nature

The fique, a vegetable fiber from Curití, grown in our soil and an evident representative of our craftwork culture joins the warmth and nobleness of wood to evidence this link between the Earth, crafts workers and the people we want to reach.

We all pursuit the same dream

In order to preserve and promote our valuable traditions

We want to create, extend and strengthen the bonds of the craftwork community; we want to cooperate in an effort in which we can all bear witness.

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Do not hesitate to contact us.

We would be happy to hear from you and answer your questions.

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